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Introducing Renovo Multi-Family 

Renovo’s new commercial real estate platform focuses on custom Bridge Loans, Construction Loans, and Purchase & Rehab Loans for multi-family properties between $2 and $10 million.

Bridge to construction or rehab, check. Borrow on both land and new Construction, check. Bridge to Agency, check.
Renovo knows there is no such thing as a prototypical investor, but there are common approaches, objectives and challenges. Renovo adheres to a select few core principals to help investors solve the challenges face.



Renovo is 100% committed to ensuring your loan closes quickly no matter the size or complexity. Our timeline to close accelerates your commercial portfolio growth. It begins after signing your letter of intent and from there we typically close loans within 2 weeks to 30 days (or faster). When you close a loan with Renovo, we deliver construction draws within 48 hours of your request. 



Our collective knowledge has created a culture of insight and agility which allows us to provide outside‐the‐box solutions, quickly. It's a critical differentiator for a company always working to find a way to say "yes" to the deal. We leverage an incredible network of experts – realtors, contractors, and other professional service providers – to help move businesses forward every day.


Whether you have a question about an approval, are looking for a referral of a trusted vendor, or need a pay‐off, our dedicated team is here for you. Our in‐house team responds quickly to your requests, and you'll never have to dial an anonymous 1‐800 number for support. We have a dedicated team for each project. Most importantly, when we say we'll do something, we mean it.

Product Offerings

The new platform provides financing solutions across a broad range of deal profiles:

Bridge / Acquisition / Land / Lease-Up / Renovation / Repositioning / Ground-Up Construction / Refinance / Recapitalization / Distressed Situation / Time Sensitive Transactions

$5.6MM Senior Loan
Multifamily Construction
19 Units
Chicago, IL (Uptown)

$3.8MM Senior Loan
Multifamily Bridge
63 Units
Oak Park, IL

$4.5MM Senior Loan
Multifamily Value-Add
20 Units
Chicago, IL (Lakeview)

$1.8MM Senior Loan
Land Acquisition for MF
18 Units
Chicago, IL (Andersonville)

Is the Commercial Platform Right for You?

You’ve worked for larger real estate companies and want to use your skills to build a business of your own. You have the know-how, but the only thing you need is flexible capital!

Renovo has a deeply experienced team that can fully assess the upside in certain projects run by the right sponsors with the right business plans. We pay careful attention to the equity you are creating – not just the cash you’re putting in.

You are looking for a single, clean execution to replace a combination of clunky banks, and percentage-based equity partners.

Our knowledge and real estate expertise allow us to advance loan proceeds on a higher share of actual project costs than many banks, to the extant we believe in the end-game.

You are making a lot of offers and need certainty of funds.

Renovo is able to assess your profile and agree today to provide you with the liquidity you’ll need to show in order to execute on important time-sensitive transactions.

Larger Loans. Larger Coverage Area.

Renovo’s recent growth has led to a larger footprint…and the new multi-family offering will expand that even further, focusing on growth-oriented investors in major midwest and northeastern MSAs.