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Renovo’s Circle of Success™

Renovo is your introduction to a network of realtors, wholesalers, buyers, contractors, and other professional service providers who can provide the knowledge and expertise to move your business forward. The saying goes: Real estate is a team sport  … so when looking to fill the gaps in your team, make sure to ask for our referrals to proven professionals.


Property Wholesalers

If finding deals is a challenge, maybe a wholesaler is the answer. Renovo has relationships with a number of proven wholesalers that can help when finding the right deal has become challenging.


Having a skilled agent representing you in negotiations can be a real value. In addition to potential purchase price savings, a Buyer’s Agent also provides market data to legal/paperwork expertise.


The right contractor can make – or break – your project. Renovo vets each and every contractor we meet. Our extensive database can help investors avoid costly mistakes and find skilled, reliable replacements when needed.


If your team does not already have an expert real estate attorney in place, you need one. Renovo has worked with hundreds of local attorneys and can provide recommendations based on your individual needs.

Insurance Brokers

Having the proper insurance coverage in place is critical and Renovo’s network of insurance brokers can help investors find reliable and affordable solutions quickly.

Mortgage Brokers

For longer hold financing, Renovo can provide recommendations for mortgage brokers who can assist in refinancing. Our banking relationships run deep and can be accessed to help wit the next phase of your project


Many projects and businesses struggle unnecessarily due to slow or loosely monitored accounting. Putting a trusted team member in place whose job is to protect your assets is critical. 

Commercial Bankers

As business models evolve the need for different partners occurs. Opportunities in multifamily, for example, require working with trusted professionals who understand the commercial market’s opportunities and pitfalls. Renovo can help make valuable introductions.

Private Lendors

Not all deals are a fit for Renovo. And when that’s the case we’re happy to refer investors to other lenders we have relationships with. Our goal is to help investors succeed – and if the deal isn’t right for us that means connecting you with the right resources.

Vendors & Suppliers

The Renovo team’s collective experience covers thousands of deals. During that time we’ve seen and met a lot great vendors. Ask us about the needs you have – from architects to plumbers to stagers and virtual renderings, our network runs deep.

We were in a bad spot.

“Troubles with our original contractor had left us with no money and a project in disarray. Renovo came in, structured a loan that allowed us to finish the project and connected us with a great contractor. We are still working with the same team today.”

A connected partner is invaluable.

We weren’t getting the traction needed to sell our house and our extension was about to expire. Our Loan Officer recommended a local agent and we made the switch. All it took was a broker’s showing and an open house and we had the property under contract.

I needed better deal flow.

In a conversation I told my lender my plans to scale-up were were behind schedule. He asked ‘why’ and I answered ‘deal flow.’Within 24 hours he had connected me with a network of inventory specialists including an online platform, a land bank, tax buyers, and wholesalers. I not only met my year-end goals, I exceeded them.

The Value of the Right Team for a Business

We aren’t the first and we won’t be the last to say this: Real estate is a team sport. It may not be as clear to first-time investors, but those with a few deal under their belt will agree. Because the team is so important to the investor’s success, Renovo is constantly developing a network of resources we can refer at a moment’s notice. It’s not something most lenders even think about, but because our success is tied to our investors’ success, we have made it a priority to have a deep bench of expert referrals.