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What do you want out of real estate?
It’s a lofty question, but whatever you want out of real estate, Renovo can help you get there. We’re much more than your lender – we’re also your investing partner.

We’ve got you covered from rehabs and flips to rolling a rehab loan into a 30-year fixed. When you want to borrow on land and new construction, we’ve got your back.

Renovo knows there is no such thing as a prototypical investor, but there are common approaches, real estate investment goals and objectives, each with their own challenges. Explore the profiles below and see how Renovo supports those objectives of real estate investment and solves challenges investors face.

The Top Challenges Investors Face

You have more deals than money.

We use real-world underwriting to creatively help borrowers leverage deals when their capital is tied up in other active projects or hard assets. Our experts can work with you to determine the best structure for your next project – from bridge loans to 30-year rental loans – Renovo helps investors get into deals quickly and with certainty.

Your business is in growth mode and you need resources to help.

Our goal is to be committed to connecting you with industry professionals such as attorneys, real estate agents, and even expeditors who can bring value to your business. Renovo has deep roots in the Chicago and Dallas markets. We’ve built the relationships, and for your real estate investment goals and objectives, that means we can get things done – and quickly.

You are a part-time investor ready to become full-time.

Our lending team is here to  discuss your business plan and assist in creating a pathway to your real estate investing objectives. Our team will be with you every step of the way, helping you meet the goal of becoming a full-time real estate investor.

You are tired of using so much of your own cash.

Self-funding deals is usually a growth-limiting proposition. For most real estate investors, bandwidth for deals and projects exceeds bank and credit line balances. As your capital partner, Renovo will help you maximize your assets– and your returns – with custom lending solutions that leverages equity, experience and assets. 

You are looking to replace percentage-based equity partners.

Our commitment as your capital partner is to provide a highly competitive solution that fits your business plan. As a true debt partner, Renovo helps investors grow their businesses while avoiding the addition of costly equity partners. 

You are making a lot of offers and need certainty of funds.

After you have progressed through Renovo’s preliminary approval process, our lending team can provide a Letter of Credit to submit with your offers. As your capital partner, Renovo will always make sure that someone from our team is with you every step of the way.

You need faster answers and faster access to capital.

“Never over promise and under deliver” is one of our main objectives in every preliminary approval process. Our commitment is to give a quick yes or no answer, understanding that time is money! When we say yes, our standard closing time is 10 business days or less with a streamlined process designed around you.

How far can you go if your lender believes in you?

Senior Vice President of Lending Eric Workman discusses Renovo’s unique approach — and the doors that open when you work with Renovo.