Local Market Knowledge Matters

Renovo invests in investors – and to do that with confidence requires a deep market understanding. Unlike national lenders who are limited to relying on lagging sales data, Renovo brings local knowledge and relationships that help identify markets that are “in-play” before the broader data reflects the changes. For investors, that can mean an early green light on a transitioning neighborhood, or advice to seek a deal elsewhere with better exit forecasts.


Renovo’s deep ties within the Chicago market provides insight to larger economic investments and trends. Layered with historical data and real-time boots-on-the-ground insight, Renovo investors receive the benefit of improved decision making and the flexibility to get into transitioning markets faster.


Kevin Werner on the value of being a local lender.

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An Established Footprint

Local lending plays an important role in generating economic growth and opportunity in Chicago’s communities. Renovo’s support of entrepreneurs with a proven track record of rehabbing, developing, and operating single family and multifamily housing, is enabled by our in-depth understanding of the markets we lend in, enabling us to play a vital role in supporting the real estate investors who are committed to transforming neighborhoods.

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