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What Type of Investor Are You?


Rehabs and flips, check. Roll a Rehab loan into a Rental loan, check.  Borrow on both Land and New Construction, check. Renovo knows there is no such thing as a prototypical investor, but there are common approaches, objectives and challenges in each market. Explore the profiles below and see how Renovo supports those real estate investing objectives and solves challenges investors face.

Pursuing A Passion

to Full-Time

Pursuing A Passion

• Not doing enough deals: need to ramp up for full time
• Don’t have established lending relationship for when W-2 stops
• Unreliable lenders / lack of trust / change of terms / unpredictable
• Have Ideas and deals but no thought partner
• Business planning partner (banks don’t want my business)
• Growth map
• Cash flow during rehab
• Ability to finance multiple projects: Leverage up
• Real-world, investor-friendly underwriting
• Committed lines of credit
• Semi-annual business plan reviews to establish credit needs
• Premiere lines of credit
• First-look approval process
• Custom tailored lending solutions for each investor
• Local market expertise
• Circle of Success™
• 24-48 hour draws to stabilize cash flows
Pursuing a Passion

MEET NICOLE: A drive to succeed and a passion for real estate has led to a full-time career change.

  • Full-Time Professional Investor 48% 48%
  • Part-Time to Full-Time 94% 94%
  • Portfolio Building 47% 47%
  • Part-Time Seeking Extra Income 26% 26%
  • Full-Time New Construction 34% 34%
  • Foreign Nationals 13% 13%

Why Our Investors
Chose Real Estate

While every investor is unique, there are common goals in the real estate investment community. Through a deep understanding of what drives investors and their individual objectives, Renovo is able to use personal experiences, extensive knowledge of the market and creative financial structures to craft custom lending solutions that help investors achieve repeatable success and ultimately realize their goals.

Using Real Estate To Make An Impact

Seeking Extra Income

Using Real Estate To Make An Impact

• Need to be able to compete with "all cash" offers - without "all cash"
• Have ideas and deals but no thought partner
• Need a business planning partner (banks don’t want my business)
• Network isn't very big / need to fill out my "team"
• Utilizing current equity / understanding individual cash flow challenges
• Outside of conventional credit and lending guidelines
• Unsure of deal profitability or success rate
• 10-day close
• Custom tailored lending solutions for each investor
• Renovo's Circle of Success™
• Cross- and Additional-Collateral structures: Financed interest
• Real-world, investor-friendly underwriting
• A second set of eyes on deals
Making an Impact

MEET LESLIE: The impact of real estate investing to change lives has never been more powerful.

Renovo Line of Credit

Renovo’s most successful clients successfully complete more than four projects per year. Get pre-approved with Renovo to secure better deals, faster.


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Dedicated To Building A Community

New Construction

Dedicated To Building A Community

• Comps haven't caught up in emerging markets: Bank's unwilling to lend
• Cash flow during build
• Bank draws and title companies are difficult
• Don’t fit all the boxes to make banks comfortable
• Solid introductions to real people / stregthening team
• Deep understanding of experience in local emerging markets
• 24-48 hour draws
• Ability to up-size deals during construction
• Experienced, in-house Asset Managers for inspections and draws
• Real-world, investor-friendly underwriting
• Semi-annual business plan reviews to establish credit needs
• 10 business day closing commitment: Bridge to Bank
• Have an "on-call" high-level deal maker (Loan Officer)
• Renovo Circle of Success™
Building a Community

MEET DAVE: A different way of looking at things has created a master plan for large scale success.

Foreign National

Foreign National

Expanding Horizons For International Investors

• Boots on the ground
• Growth map (Chicago)
• Home address (makes local banks an unlikely financing source)
• Worried and unsure about local team: Contractors, Realtors, etc.
• Solid introductions to real people / fill out my "team"
• In-person draw inspections: RenoVault
• Local market expertise
• Renovo Circle of Success™
• Financial blueprint meetings
• Renovo asset management inspection and draw process
• An "on-call" high-level deal maker (Loan Officer) inside Renovo
Foreign National

MEET ALBERTO: A passion for building portfolios has led to helping others realize their real estate dreams.

Renovo Financial Lending by the Numbers

53 %

% of Loans Which Are Single Family Rehabs

92 %

% of Chicago Neighborhoods w/ Renovo Projects

78 %

% of Loans Closed in 10 Days or Less

61 %

% of Loans in Issued in Low-to-Moderate Income Geographies