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Moulton Lending Team

Brandon Moulton

Brandon Moulton

SVP Lending Chicago

(312) 477-0814

Meet the Team

Kaitlin Heenan

Kaitlin Heenan

Production Assistant

(630) 437-8093

Bryan Hancock

Bryan Hancock

Senior Credit Analyst

(847) 894-6616

Aaron Denk

Aaron Denk


(312) 471-3577

Nic Maranell

Nic Maranell

Senior Asset Manager

(630) 473-7807


More Than a Community Bank

I come from a more traditional background: a community bank. Their focus was more on pretty straight-forward deals that fit in a box, whereas here it's a little more freeform. There's more creativity and options to say yes."

Common Traits of Successful Investors

There is a common thread amongst my most successful clients. True grit to get up every day and do this, understanding of the market and willingness to put in the work."

How to Get Funding For Your Deals

“For new investors, I think the biggest fear is: are they buying the right deal that makes sense for them? My advise to them is to move very slow and cautiously. There will always be a deal in the future. Don't feel like you're missing out."

Financing and Funding

“There are three primary reasons to go with a private lender. 1) Speed to close. We can close within 10 business days. 2) Real-world underwriting. 3) A lower down-payment."

Top 10 Mistakes We See from Chicago Investors

“Whether you want to believe it or not, as the lender, we are your partner. The sooner you wrap your head around that idea, the more success I think you'll have."

Get to Know Brandon

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry since 2006. 

What's your #1 tip for home investors?

Create and maintain a very focused business plan.

What's the biggest mistake you've seen in the business?

Three big mistakes I've seen people make:

1. They'll go anywhere for a deal.

2. They don’t understand their numbers.

3. They want to believe this is a passive investment.

What motivates you?

I love seeing my clients hit their goals professionally and personally.

Where are you from and how did you get into the business?

I'm originally from Toledo, OH and I started in commercial banking as an underwriter.

What do you do in your spare time?

Family! Travel! Live music!

Customer Reviews


"Brandon is very personable, reliable, and responsive! I deal with a lot of other lenders and the service by far is the best."

- Candice P.


"Fast, and easy to work with. I'll be using Renovo for all my projects going forward."

- Phillip F.


"Brandon isn't just a tall drink of water, he's the best loan officer in the game."

- Jason V.

Have you worked with the Moulton Team?

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Brandon Moulton

Brandon Moulton

SVP Lending Chicago

(312) 477-0814