Foreign Investment

It’s not often you hear of a Fortune 500 executive leaving their global position to start rehabbing homes in the southern suburbs of Chicago. When you spend time with Alberto Fernandez, though, the joy that real estate investing brings him is more than evident. “I Love what I do. I love it.”


The love of investing in real estate started with his father giving him the book – Guide to Investing. Alberto began buying real estate in his 20s, building a portfolio of commercial real estate throughout Mexico. As many in real estate know, this is a capital-intensive business. “Cash will only take you so far, you really need a partner who is dedicated to your growth and success, and you need the right partners to finance your growth”. In Alberto’s first year he was able to do 22 properties, by bringing in Renovo in 2016 he completed nearly 60 rehab to rent projects. “Renovo makes business personal. They took the time to understand who I am and what I am doing, and now I’m bringing my friends and investors to them.”


Today Alberto focuses his time and attention on helping others build successful real estate investment portfolios. “My friends and family…people who don’t know how to do it, don’t have the time to do it, but know that they want all of the benefits of investing and having a real estate portfolio.”