A Dynamic Duo – Renovo Financial’s Account Manager Team

CHICAGO – April 14, 2015


Renovo Financial, a specialty lender for residential real estate investors, announced two new positions created to serve their clients with more personal attention. 

Kevin Werner, CEO of Renovo said, “Our customers’ needs are our top priority, and we realized by having a main point of contact in house for their day to day requests, we would improve their experience. So we are making a big change to help streamline the loan process with this new team.”

Carlie Billmeyer and Mimi Pfest are Renovo’s first dedicated Account Managers. They have been instrumental in making improvements to the closing process and are eager to help Renovo’s newest borrowers. One of them will be assigned as the main point of contact for each loan, to ensure the best possible client experience.
Renovo’s Goal is:
    1.    To be able to process each loan requests even faster.
    2.    Coordinate property appraisals with more organization.
    3.    Move loans through underwriting for approval easier.
    4.    Prepare and setup closings with more agility.

“We have learned a lot from feedback over the last few months,” Werner said, “and we hope that this new team provides even faster service and better solutions.”
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