Making an Impact

Leslie Marquard loves stories. Creating them. Telling them. Being a part of them. In fact, Renovo’s interest in her story was a big part of what drew her to working with Daniel and the rest of the team. “He wanted to know about me – my goals, my vision, my passions, my story…and I left there knowing that was someone I wanted to do business with”. An already highly accomplished business strategist and executive coach, Leslie has always been focused on helping people transform the story of their business life…now she’s turned her sights on helping people change their personal lives.


“My teams are here not just hanging cabinets – they’re here developing a place where a family’s story will be written.” Leslie’s company, Property Catalysts, jumped in to the real estate investment business with five projects – three renovations and two new construction projects in desirable North Shore suburbs. Their goal is to have 25 top-notch projects completed within their first three years of business – a lofty goal for sure, but one with an impact far beyond the families moving in to these homes.


One of the most amazing parts of Leslie’s story is that she isn’t interested in real estate investing for personal gain…profits from her real estate ventures are utilized to fund the charitable efforts of many organizations close to her heart – from music in schools to human trafficking. “These investments are a way for us to create more money to give away. I just cant imagine living in the world the way so many others are forced to…and that creates a big responsibility, to me anyway.”.