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Fast. Reliable. Innovative.


Renovo’s custom lending solutions secure financing for a spectrum of residential real estate investor’s projects— from basic bungalow flips to complex multi-million mixed-use construction condo developments and projects in between. With terms ranging from a short-term bridge loan to a 5-year rental loan, we provide capital solutions for every need.


A Draw Process Designed Around You.

We strive for a 48-hour process from request to funding. Clients request a draw inspection by email or text, and the inspection customarily takes place within 24 hours with funding immediately following. Custom lending especially for you.

10 Day Closings – Seriously.

Successful investors can't afford to wait a month to secure deals. Renovo delivers in 10 business days or less, driving the process from start to finish. Whether a $100,000 or $5,000,000 deal, our team executes.

Interested in a Line of Credit?

When the deal presents itself, experienced investors know the value of making a timely offer. Renovo's premier clients can secure active lines of credit to $5,000,000 or more.


In Real Estate, Speed Matters

Renovo guarantees a 10-day-closing on short-term acquisition and construction loans and long-term financing for rental properties with our custom lending, unlike traditional lenders that take up to 60-days to close. Our team’s extensive market and industry expertise allows us to evaluate and execute in days; a fraction of traditional lenders.


10 Business Days Or Less

Clients need to act fast and work with partners who follow through on commitments to succeed as real estate investors. The 10-business-day timeline to close begins after signing the letter of intent. We are devoted to ensuring your loan closes within two weeks or sooner. When you close a rehab loan with Renovo, we deliver construction draws within 48 hours of your request. It’s how we show our commitment to being a nimble partner that helps accelerate your deal flow and cash flow.

A Partner in Every Sense

Unmatched Expertise

When clients work with Renovo, they're partnering with experts that know the market and appreciate the opportunities and challenges faced. Our team members take the time to understand clients' distinct business plans. Working with us, clients gain access to the RENOVO CIRCLE OF SUCCESS —our exclusive network of realtors, wholesalers, buyers, contractors, and professional service providers. These relationships provide clients the knowledge and expertise to move their business forward. More importantly, when we say we'll do something, we mean it and stand by our commitment.

A Partner in Every Sense

The Most Important Thing Renovo Does

Service is our top priority. Whether it's a question about approval or need a pay-off, our dedicated team is here. If a client needs to discuss ways to restructure their business, change partnership structures, or add new team members, our team is here. Renovo is more than a cheerful voice on the phone – we are indeed a partner who works with clients, and for clients, to ensure a project's success and growth.