Multifamily Loans

It’s go big or go home with Renovo’s suite of Multifamily property financing. Whether it’s a rehab, rental or new construction project, we can finance your 5-30 unit investment.

Multi-Family Loans​

It’s go big or go home with Renovo’s suite of multi-family loan programs. Whether it’s a rehab, rental or new construction project, we can finance your 5-30 unit investment.


Up to 30 Units

Bridge Only, Fix-and-Flip, Fix-to-Rent

12 – 24 Months

$100,000 – $2,000,000
($2M+ Case by Case)

Market-Competitive Pricing

Rental "Term"

Up to 30 Units

Residential, Single Asset & Portfolio

30 Year Fixed, 5/7/1/10 Year ARMs
(All Options 30 Year Term, IO, Fully Amortizing)

$250,000 – $3,000,000
($3M+ Case by Case)

Purchase, Rate & Term Refi, Cash-Out Refi

New Construction

Up to 30 Units

Infill New Construction

12 – 24 Months

$250,000 – $2,000,000
($2M+ Case by Case)

Market-Competitive Pricing

Multifamily Investing Benefits

If you’re thinking about Multifamily home investing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about great returns. A Multifamily investment property offers multiple sources of income, which can help keep your cash flow steady during occasional periods of vacancy.


Demand for available housing continues despite other economic factors. Investors willing to make additional improvements as part of real estate investing in Multifamily properties can secure higher rental income to recoup costs. When you’re ready to invest in a property with five units or more, our Multifamily loan programs can keep your plans on track.

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Local Knowledge

Renovo’s local lenders are in-person and on-site with expert market knowledge and insights. Paired with the pricing of a national lender, you get the best of both worlds.

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One Stop Shop

With in-house servicing and a full suite of loan options, Renovo is your one stop shop from one project to the next. Grow your portfolio of investment properties today.

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At Renovo, we will help you close quickly and have access to draws in 24 to 48 hours for your real estate investment loans because, in real estate, timing is everything.

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We don’t do “one size fits all,” because in this industry, it doesn’t. Our lenders will listen to your specific needs and work with you to help you achieve your unique goals.

Renovo Locations

With local lenders in key locations around the country, we have the local market knowledge to help you make smart investment decisions.

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Bill Granberry
Bill Granberry
Renovo Financial has received a survey response from WILLIAM GRANBERRY. On a scale of 0 -10, the likelihood that this client recommends Renovo Financial to a friend or colleague was a score of 10. Their entire team are awesome partners to work with and always seem to have the investors best interest in mind. Monthly project check-ins, to the site reviews and distribution process help make keeping the project moving forward with minimal effort or requirements! THANK YOU!!!
John Livaditis
John Livaditis
Renovo is a great option for fix and flip loans, bridge loans, and stabilized loan products. I have had great experiences dealing with their entire team as have numerous clients that I have referred to Renovo. Highly recommended
Anthony Santiago
Anthony Santiago
I'm going on my third deal with Renovo. Never has dealing with a financial institution been so easy. The Teams I've had the pleasure of dealing with #Youknowwhoyouare were so professional and polite they make me feel like family. Its like calling your cousin Vinny for a loan!
Legacy Media TV
Legacy Media TV
One of the best Banks that I have ever worked with! EVER!
I've been working with Renovo Financial for over 3 years now, and completed couple transactions with them, and I've always been there to help me close on time. At the beginning I had a few little hiccups along the way but I have always closed on time. I really appreciate the staff and a dedication to getting me to the closing table on time. Other than that, I would highly recommend Renovo Financial to anyone looking for hard money loans and quick closings.

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